On Multiculti ME

Today, I figured I would take the opportunity to break down not only the title of my blog, but a little bit more about me as well.

Let’s start with the title of the blog: Multiculti ME.

First things first. What the heck does the term “Multiculti” mean? Well, according to Urban Dictionary (incredibly academic source, I know), Multiculti is “a term meaning a person of mixed ethnic heritage. It is a positive, inclusive term. Can be used as a noun or adjective. It replaces negative, offensive terms like ‘mulatto’, ‘quadroon’ or ‘halfbreed.'” In other words, multiculti is just an abbreviation of the world multicultural. The first time I used the term was in a high school graphic design class. At the time, the “Everybody loves a [insert nationality/ethnicity] girl” shirts were quite popular. Identifying as I do, I could never find a shirt that I felt accurately conveyed who I am, so I designed my own to say “Everybody loves a Multiculti girl.” Using the term in my blog title is a small nod to the fact that while I didn’t necessarily have the tools to discuss my racial identity while I was younger, I was aware of it early enough to know that race-specific things (i.e. those dern t-shirts) weren’t designed for me. So there you have it. A bit of etymology on the first word of my blog title.

Second: ME. I would like to take a moment to say that I didn’t capitalize the word me because I’m a stereotypically self-centered millennial who wanted to emphasize the fact that the blog is all about me. No. ME is capitalized because it is serving a double purpose. One is that the blog is written from my perspective. The second is the ME is my first and middle initial (Molly Elisabeth). I thought I was being cute, and titling has never been one of my strong suits. Just ask any of my professors and teachers. I almost always create the title for my papers right before I submit them, and 95% of the time the title is either super bland or super cheesy and not nearly as impactful as one would hope.

The “Culties” in my Multiculti

Now that we’ve tackled the blog title, let’s take a whack at the monumental task that is breaking down my racial identity in the simplest terms. I won’t go too in-depth this time because I’m a bit under the weather and can’t focus long enough for the real meat of this discussion, but I figured I would at least lay out the bare bones of it for you. If I were super computer savvy, I’d probably just upload a picture of my family tree. Alas, I have yet to create a digital version of that behemoth. Instead a list broken down by contributing biological parent will have to suffice.

Birth Mom (Tanya): Irish, French, German, English, Lower Brule Sioux (Sicangu Lakota), and Yankton Sioux (Ihanktonwan Dakota)

Biological Father (Thomas): Black and Native American[?]

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by!


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