Time for A Makeover

After an extended hiatus (2 months, sheesh! I’m surprised anybody is still here), I have decided to make some changes to my blog. Again. Which I can do because it’s mine and because I haven’t really written enough to warrant trying to stick with “what worked” in the past.

You will still get my thoughts on various topics as they relate to race, higher education, pop culture, etc. I will also begin blogging about South Dakota. South Dakota is my home. I was born and raised here, and no matter how many times I move away, I manage to make my way back here. Since most people don’t get the opportunity to visit our little state, I figured I would do my part to share our little quirks with the world. A lot of it will be focused on food and things I see out on the road. I travel a lot for work, so spend a lot of time on the back roads seeing things that most people wouldn’t. That means that I’ll probably also touch on my struggles with geographic isolation and the issues that arise from that.

Essentially, I will be writing about what I want, when I want with no concerns about sticking with a theme. Take that conventionalism! Again, if there’s anything you want me to gab on about, shoot me suggestions.



One thought on “Time for A Makeover

  1. Mary says:

    I love hearing about our Sodak!. I’m excited to read more about weird SD things you see on the road! I feel like you could write a book on the random ass stuff that you see driving on I90. Huge dinosaurs here and there. Palaces made of corn. I mean the weird things people do… On a side note I saw my first wall drug bumper sticker in Alaska last month. I was so excited I took pictures. Those things are inescapable.

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