The Day I Quit Faking It

I have a confession to make. For the past year, my first year in the real world, I have been faking it. I have everybody around me fooled into believing that I am a real adult. I go to work, pay my bills, and drink my coffee. Fake adulting like an champ. Nobody would ever think to question my adultness.

Here’s the thing: Up until now, I really was doing the bare minimum to pass. But no more! Today, I pledge to start real adulting. I got myself all set up with so I can create a budget and hopefully keep to it. Having decided that I needed to buy myself a brand new car and Vikings season tickets within one month of each other combined with the reality of student loan payments and rent checks, I realized that budgeting is going to become an absolute must if I don’t want to wind up living paycheck to paycheck.

Along with budgeting comes meal planning. It’s a lot easier to budget for groceries if I know exactly what I need to have for each meal to get through the week instead of buying a random hodgepodge of groceries and having every meal turn into a Chopped challenge trying to figure out what I can create with what I have. The good thing is that since I live alone, one standard recipe for a meal typically lasts me for at least two days (often three or four).

Since I’ll be meal planning, likely resulting in my eating healthier than I have been for the past few months, it only makes sense that I take my lazy behind back to the gym on a regular basis. It’s not like I have an excuse. The gym is in my apartment building. The fact that I have a half marathon in about two weeks and can’t remember the last time I actually went for a run (sometime in June maybe?) is hugely problematic. At this point, my goal for that sucker has become to simply finish without walking. I might be doing some serious survival shuffling, but as long as I don’t stop moving during that 13.1 miles I’ll be happy.

I have also decided that I need to cut back on the amount of drinking I do. I really don’t need to have a drink every day after work. I don’t need to down a six pack of beer every time I go fishing. I don’t need to get drunk every Friday. Everything in moderation, and I can say that moderation has not been part of my vocabulary since Lent ended. There’s a family history of alcohol dependency/abuse, and that scares the crap out of me so it’s time to slow down. Not to mention, drinking can get pretty expensive after awhile. Getting back to the gym on a regular basis should help a lot. I’m also promising to increase the amount of water I drink. At least 64oz of water every day.

Today’s the day I quit faking it and become a real adult. My pledge:

I pledge to budget and spend responsibly.
I pledge to meal plan and eat healthy.
I pledge to get back to the gym and focus on my physical health.
I pledge to up the water intake and cut back on booze.
I pledge to read more and watch less TV.
I pledge to blog at least once a week, even if it’s just rambling.
I pledge to woman up and be a real adult.

I can do it.


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