August Writing Challenge

One of my “be a better/real adult” promises to myself was that I was going to write more. Writing, like piano, is something I have always turned to when I need a space to decompress or process what is going on around me. Writing as also something that can take me places if done right.

In order to write more, I am doing a writing challenge for the month of August. Every day this month I have to write something, anything. It could be pure word vomit in a notebook, beautiful poetry, or the start of a novel as long as I write every day. Consider this post Day 1 of the challenge. I’m hoping a few more blog posts will come out of this little experiment of mine.

In 7th grade English, we did a writer’s workshop for an entire quarter. That meant for nine weeks straight all we did during English period was write. We had to turn in one piece of writing for grading every week, but we were free to write whatever we wanted. I wound up churning out eleven chapters of a murder mystery that I never finished. The first chapter wound up being the basis for one of my college admissions essays five years later.

If seventh grade me could do that, I am excited to see what 27 year old me can do with an entire month.

Stay tuned!


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