Marathon Summer

Now that the redesign of the blog is nearly complete (I’m back!), I figured I should get to posting again. I just outlined my training plan for the rest of my training period before my first ever full marathon, so running is on my mind.

In January I announced that part of my fundraising efforts for Relay for Life this year would be a Miles for the Fight campaign culminating in my running a marathon at the end of the summer (August 21). Every mile I run between February and my marathon dedicated to cancer warriors and their caregivers. Some runs have been dedicated in memory of loved ones whose battles have ended, some in honor of those still fighting the good fight, and others in celebration of those who successfully kicked cancer’s @$$. If you’d like to donate to my Relay for Life campaign and would like me to dedicate a run to somebody, it’s not too late. I will be raising funds at least through the date of my final race of the summer. You can donate here.

I haven’t gotten as many miles in as I thought I would by this point. I ran my second half marathon at the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon (awesome race, btw, if you’re looking for a good one) at the beginning of this month and figured that training for that would help me log plenty of miles. Unfortunately, my non-competitive brain went into full “we didn’t train for the first one, and we were fine; why train this time?” mode and there was some solid gaps in my training until about 3 weeks before the race. I am happy to say I PR’d and ran much better than expected (1:55:16), but could have done much better with a solid training plan.

Today I outlined my training schedule from this week through my marathon. Thankfully, I have a solid enough base that I should be able to build sensibly without injuring myself and be able to finish. Between now and Leading Ladies, I have a 10K race as well as Relay for Life. I’m a solo team for Relay, which happens to be scheduled for the weekend my training schedule calls for 14 miles, so I’ll be getting my 14 miles in by running laps on a concrete floor. Hopefully those two events combined with a detailed training schedule will keep me consistent in my training. Who knows, maybe I’ll sign up for another race for the fall.

For anybody wondering: I’m currently at 140 #MilesForTheFight.

Is anybody else training for a summer race(s)? How’s it going?


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