I Won the Lottery!

Last time I checked in, I was finally free of my walking boot and easing my way back into a fitness routine. I am happy to report that I successfully completed the Nike Training Club program that I was using with no adverse effects on my foot.

I did the Start Up Plan and chose not to integrate running because I wanted to make sure that I addressed any muscle imbalances that may have occurred as a result of the extended time in a walking boot. Not only did I make it through the 4 week program without my foot bothering me at all, but it got my cardio fitness to a point where I was able to run a 5K at an 8:36 pace for my first run. Other than some slight muscle fatigue the next day from waking up muscles that hadn’t been used in three months, I was fine.

Now that we’ve covered the basic update on the comeback, I can share the important news: I won the Chicago lottery!

That’s right. My One-And-Done Marathon Career is no longer one-and-done. On a whim, I decided to enter the lottery for the Chicago Marathon, and I was lucky enough to be drawn for an entry. I thought the women I spoke with after my marathon were kidding when they said I would get marathon amnesia want to run another. They were right. I am a little scared knowing what happened the first time I attempted a marathon, but I am mostly excited. Chicago is one of the premier marathons, and I will get a chance to see a city I have never visited (unless you count layovers in O’Hare and Midway) in a way that many never will. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Chicago Marathon and can’t wait to count myself as a finisher come October.

This time, I am going to train correctly which means consistently and with a plan. Today I started the Get Started Plan with the NRC app. My marathon is far enough out that there’s no need to start the Marathon Coaching Plan just yet. I figure the Get Started Plan will help me build a solid base before I start adding miles. This will be a race filled year with my planning to run a half in June and another in August in addition to Chicago in October. I will also once again be logging my miles as #MilesForTheFight to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. If you are interested in donating, you can do so here.

All that to say that this lovely, underutilized, beauty of a blog is going to become my training journal. You will get to hear all of the wonderful ups and downs of my attempt to prepare for and complete my second marathon. Strap yourselves in, folks.


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