Black History Month

Hello, Friends.

Yes. It’s been awhile (again). I know. I suck. I completely the first month of Run the Year and the streak challenge, logging 168.5 miles for the month. I also did Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness Cleanse as a bit of a bodily restart to kickoff the new year.

Now that I’m in my groove with my workouts and eating normal food again, I have conceived a lovely way to motivate myself to write more often (at least for the month of February): Black History Month!

If you’ve read my Bio page, you know that I’m Black. If you haven’t: Surprise!

Any who, I’m quite proud of that fact, and the events of the past few years (‘Murica) have really driven that home for me.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that while track & field have solid representation from the USA’s Black population, American distance running is shockingly white. This should come to no surprise to anybody who pays much attention to the sport. Runner’s World even had an article about it in 2011. Slowly, we’re seeing growth in the numbers of Black folks who run distance “for fun,” but the ranks of the American elites are still largely white (with the exception of naturalized citizens like Meb).

Running groups turned organizations/movements like Black Girls RUN! and Black Men Run are working hard to change the community’s perceptions of distance running and helping to increase the number of us out there logging miles. To do my part – however small – I will be profiling different Black women who run over the course of Black History Month. While I know there are some wonderful Black men out there pounding the pavement, I want to take the month to focus on women because #BlackGirlMagic.

Stay tuned!



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