#BlackGirlsRun – Danica D.

Name:  Danica D.
Age: 40
Where I Run: New Jersey
Who I Run With: Black Girls Run (I’m in the Central Jersey and North Jersey Division)

Favorite Race: I can’t say that I have one yet.  My only race was Rutgers Big Chill 5K in December. It was a host of fun especially since it was my very first race. Once I have a few more races under my belt, I will know which is my favorite.

I have the following races upcoming:  Cupids Chase 5K, Rutgers Unite ½ Marathon- (I’m on a 4 women relay team), Spring Lake 5 Mile, Sandy Hook 5K, Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K and of course the Run The Year 2017 with a 3 person team.

I”m sure if you ask me this question on 7/1, I will have a different answer.

When did you first start running?: I turned 40 in August, and wanted to try something new. I was never a runner or even an athlete. I wanted to work on health so a friend introduced me to Black Girls Run. I went to my first meet up at Mercer County Park on November 4th and I’ve been running 4-5 days a week since then.

Why do you run?: For health, mental clarity, to enjoy the environment and bond with my sister friends in Black Girls Run

Who is/are your running role model(s)?: My role models are all of the members of Black Girls Run. They inspire me daily, with running, walking, wogging, jogging, etc. Just getting out and moving.

Advice for anybody looking to start running: My advice is to just get out and move. Walking, jogging, wogging or running as long as you are moving that is what matters. Don’t compete with anyone other than yourself. You are your only competition and critic. Your body will be sore, you will have good and bad days, however take your time and pace yourself. Remember, health is wealth.


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