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A few months ago (who knows when, since I’m so terrible at this thing), I promised a redesign/refocus of this blog. Multiculti ME was created as a space for me to get my rants off in a space where I wasn’t being graded but allowed me to process some of the more academic things that crossed my mind. Honestly, since finishing my master’s work 3 years (!!!) ago, I haven’t done much academic pondering. As I gear up to (hopefully) go back to school for my PhD in 2018, I’m sure the academic ponderings will return, but for now let’s just accept the fact that after work I just don’t want to brain any more.

Which means…..

*drum roll*

This blog is going all running all the time!

Hopefully more consistently than in previous years (ha! Where have we heard that before?)

Anyway, training diary for real as I officially start my training for the Chicago Marathon. Today I am recovering from the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Half Marathon. Last year Mickelson was my second ever half marathon and I PR’d by quite a bit. This year, I was about 3 minutes slower (1:58:06). It was significantly warmer this year, I approached it as a training run rather than a race, and I didn’t do a great job of doing tangents. My GPS showed 13.55 miles instead of 13.1 which tells me I was taking some wide corners out there.

Based on what I saw in the medical tent at the finish line, it’s a good thing I didn’t push too hard. Quite a few people needed IVs and cold rags to get their body temps back into a safe range. I love the course at Mickelson, but an 8am start time for a June race – even in South Dakota – is late and asking for heat struggles. Hopefully they’ll consider an earlier start time in the future.

Tomorrow the real work begins. Hopefully this Nike coaching plan isn’t too rough on me. I’m really just trying to finish without winding up in a walking boot again.

Fingers crossed for injury-free training!

Just another medal pic


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